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Commercial Decorative Film

One of the most common films used in commercial buildings is a frosted film. This film is very versatile and can come in many varieties such as matte, patterned, colored, and specialty.

  • Matte Decorative Film: This is the most common frosted film with its white opaque look
  • Pattern Decorative Film: Pattern films can come in different shapes or lines creating abstract designs
  • Specialty Decorative Film: Most specialty films are filled with fun colors and attractive elements.
  • Color Frost Decorative Film: These films carry a neutral tone and provide privacy as well.

Benefits of Commercial Decorative Films in a Nutshell

  • Privacy:Most modern offices today use some variation of the open floor plan, with individual offices and conference rooms commonly segregated by glass partitions. It’s important for these spaces to provide some degree of privacy, and applying frosted window films to the glass partitions is an ideal way to do that.
  • Low maintenance and security:If your office has large windows facing a busy street, your expensive computers and other technology can present a significant temptation to some potential criminals. Applying frosted window films enables you to keep prying eyes at bay while at the same time allowing natural light in.
  • Upgrade of the look and branding:Any type of graphic you wish can be cut into your frosted window films. This is useful for reinforcing your brand throughout the office. Simply apply frosted window films with your company logo cut into them to glass partitions and glass doors. This type of brand reinforcement makes a subtle but very real impression on visiting clients, investors, potential hires as well as on your regular team members.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of decorative window films for offices is that they just look great!

They break up space in discreet ways and add an air of contemporary sophistication that’s difficult to achieve any other way. Frosted window films have a lot of applications around the house, but where they really shine is in commercial settings.

Offices present unique challenges to business owners. They need to have all the members of their team together to foster unity of purpose and allow for the free flow of important information, but there are other concerns that need to be addressed for which frosted window films are the ideal solution. Decorative, frosted window films installed on exterior windows not only enhance your security profile, they also allow you greater control over the interior environment.

Operating Areas:

  • Southern California
  • Fountain Valley
  • Costa Mesa
  • Anaheim
  • Newport Beach
  • Huntington Beach
  • Brea
  • Orange
  • Irvine
  • Long Beach

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