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Residential Window Tints – as an Alternative to Curtains and Blinds

Are you looking for a modern alternative to curtains or shadow blinds? Tinted window film could be just the product you need. Our window film will give your home more privacy, without any reduction in the natural light coming in. The windows will look exactly as they did before the film was fitted – and there won’t be a single curtain in sight.

We specialize in residential window tinting installation. Window tint for your home is a great way to add privacy and help increase your monthly energy savings. It is also a great way to add an extra layer of protection to your home and make your interiors last. Our team is highly experienced and will help you choose the best film for your home.

Benefits of Residential Window Tints in a Nutshell

  • Added daytime privacy: People won’t be able to see into your property in daylight – it’s the perfect alternative to net curtains.
  • A clear view from the inside: You will be able to see outside perfectly clearly, just as you would without a window film..
  • A modern solution: There is no need for old-fashioned net curtains. Your windows will look clean, modern, and minimalist.
  • Looks like a normal window: The alternative to net curtains, window film, will look no different from ordinary glass.
  • Glare and fading reduction: Window film reduces glare from the sun, allowing you to watch TV, and it protects furniture from fading.
  • Protect against harmful UV rays: Window film helps protect you and your family from harmful UV rays produced by the sun.
  • Extra protection for your home: Security film can add additional protection to your home and protect vulnerable areas of entry.

Operating Areas:

  • Southern California
  • Fountain Valley
  • Costa Mesa
  • Anaheim
  • Newport Beach
  • Huntington Beach
  • Brea
  • Orange
  • Irvine
  • Long Beach

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