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Solar Control / Privacy Film Commercial – Privacy Window Films

Transform your building with the addition of window film. Simply choose from a huge variety of films including solar, privacy, and reflective films. We have various options that will fit your needs. Solar control films are transparent with high levels of heat rejection to keep your space bright and cool. Privacy films would include darker levels of film to decrease the ability to see inside. Reflective films are a great combination of both rejecting heat and increasing privacy.

Benefits of a Solar Control / Privacy Window Film in a Nutshell

  • Improved insulation: Solar window film blocks out 82 percent of heat and offers 33 percent thermal retention. Enjoy a pleasant temperature all year round.
  • Lower energy bills:With better insulation comes less need for central heating and air conditioning. Start saving money on your energy bills.
  • Reduced glare: The glare that comes from windows can make it difficult and uncomfortable to look at screens – a big No-no at the office! Window film reduces glare by up to 82%.
  • UV rejection: Solar window film filters out the harmful UV rays, offering 99% UV rejection. This protects your furniture, preventing fading.
  • No blinds or net curtains: If you have lovely bright windows, it’s truly a shame to cover them. This window film gives you privacy without the need for blinds.
  • Provides additional privacy:Darker levels of tint add more privacy by decreasing the ability to see inside.
  • Creates a more comfortable working environment: An added benefit to getting your windows tinted is the additional comfort for your workspace, which can help increase productivity amongst your teams.

Save Your Money using Solar Control Films!

Choosing to apply a film with higher heat rejection or high levels of reflectance will help keep your building cooler inside, meaning you won’t have to use the same amount of cooling during the summer months. So do your wallet and the environment a favor and install solar window films!

Our Operational Areas

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