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Window Tinting from Santa Ana

Having window tint installed is a great method to aid in reducing your energy costs, adding privacy, and giving your building a completely new look. It can be installed in commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and government buildings. Whether it is a large commercial building or a small business, we have the latest products and experienced staff to install window film correctly and efficiently.

Benefits of Window Tinting in a Nutshell

  • Save Money (Reduce Energy Cost): Choosing to apply a film with higher heat rejection or high levels of reflectance will help keep your building cooler inside, meaning you won’t have to use the same amount of cooling during the summer months.
  • Protection against harmful UV rays: Window film helps protect you and your employees from 99 percent of harmful UV rays produced by the sun.
  • Improving your building's look: Adding window film can improve your building's overall aesthetic, creating a more modern look to it.
  • Extra protection for your business: Safety film can help protect your business by creating an additional barrier against burglary or accidental damage.
  • Reduce Glare: Although it doesn’t seem like it, glare can be a big problem in an office space. Not only is it a distraction, but it can also cause harmful eye strain from trying to see the computer screen.
  • Creating a more comfortable working environment: An added benefit to getting your windows tinted is the additional comfort for your workspace, which can help increase productivity amongst your teams.
  • Providing additional privacy: Privacy is sometimes needed in an office space, adding a frosted film can provide that while still keeping the area bright and open.

Our Operational Areas

  • Southern California
  • Fountain Valley
  • Costa Mesa
  • Anaheim
  • Newport Beach
  • Huntington Beach
  • Brea
  • Orange
  • Irvine
  • Long Beach

Would you like to know more about the advantages of window tinting? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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